I introduce my book ‘Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement’ with the following comments, explaining how I have approached fat over the last 30 years.

Fat people are a fact of life, part of the fabric of humanity. There is evidence that we have existed for many thousands of years. We are here. There are many who would prefer fat people not to exist, but we are here regardless of whether or not we are allowed or supposed to be here. Fat people are as valuable as anyone else and our existence reveals important things about how societies operate. As a psychotherapist, I am interested in the ways in which people might grow towards hopes and dreams, express agency, by which I mean the capacity to choose and act independently, even within restrictive social contexts; to really live. I see activism as a strategy for developing what the philosopher Judith Butler calls “liveable lives” in contexts that are extremely trying, as well as creating social change. How can and do fat people try to make liveable lives for ourselves and others?

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