You’re Not My Dad!

You’re Not My Dad! is a zine about autism by Simon Murphy and me. It came about because we wanted something that relctected our experiences of autism, something that wasn’t geared towards parents or professionals. We’ve ended up making something that we hope reflects how we see autistic culture in the UK, something funny and serious.

Paper copies are available whilst stocks last. Contact me for details. Otherwise, check out the digital version: You’re Not My Dad 1 (5.4mb)


I’m in the paper

body-language-mainI wrote a piece for The Guardian about fat and language in aid of Body Language, which is taking place at The Wellcome Collection, and at which I am presenting and dancing.

The rhetoric around obesity is toxic. So I created a new language for fat people

Some of the things mentioned in the article, some things not mentioned which relate to the event:

My book, Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement
My zine, Fat Activist Vernacular.
Another zine, The Blob, created specially for the Wellcome Collection event, which you can download for free.
Beats for the dance I am performing, But Is It Healthy?
A blog post about the whole thing, How to Killjoy an Obesity display one #BodySpectacular at a time.


The Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities

Dr Bethan Evans and I have contributed a chapter to this book. We argue that Arts and Health should incorporate queer activism, especially when working with fat people.

The book is very expensive but our chapter is available online for free thanks to funding by the University of Liverpool.

Evans, B. and Cooper, C. (2016) ‘Reframing Fatness: Critiquing ‘Obesity” in Whitehead, A. and Woods, A., eds., The Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

More information about the book.