Working with Artists

I use therapy in collaboration with artists.

Individual Support for Artists

I run sessions with non-mainstream artists and performers who want support with working. It’s similar to short term or time-limited therapy and can include, for example, identifying goals, moving through blocks to productivity and coping with the emotional challenges of the work. Everything takes place within clear boundaries, is confidential and tailored to each artist. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Creative Therapy and the Arts

I have been part of three experimental arts projects that combine therapy and cultural work.

Ladies Rock (2007)

I supported a DIY music event, creating a space where participants could reflect on their work and the weekend in a safe and contained space.

I was the Ladies Rock Therapist

The Worst of Scottee (2013)

This was a show about understanding past trauma. I conducted therapeutic interviews with participants.

Cooper, C. (2013) ‘Theatre, Trauma and Transgression’, [online], available:

Hamburger Queen (2013)

I acted as in-house therapist for performers in this immersive theatre series about fat. This involved filming a couple of therapy sessions with Scottee and Amy Lamé where they brought the question: “Why am I fat?”. Watch the videos via the links below.

Why Are You Fat? #1
Why Are You Fat? #2
Why Are You Fat? #3
Why Are You Fat? #4