Research & Consultancy

I am an experienced researcher, working primarily with qualitative methodologies. My main areas of interest involve fat activist community and culture. I work to a Research Justice framework, where possible, and am committed to developing scholarship and research beyond traditional academic boundaries.

Take a look at some of my Print Publications and Speaking documentation for more in this vein and examples of public dissemination of my research.

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing a project or a commission.

Selected recent projects:

Artist Consultancy

I coach non-mainstream artists and performers who are interested in developing their careers, identifying and working through blocks to productivity. Less formal than therapy, this work entails things such as putting sustainable strategies into place, gentle support and encouragement, working to deadlines, thinking about the social context for the work, and handling stress and anxiety. Everything takes place within clear boundaries and is confidential. Sliding scale available. Please get in touch if this sounds like your kind of thing.

Psoriasis Pom Pom Survey

I co-produced a piece of research about a family’s experience of psoriasis, a skin condition, by developing a child-centric methodology built on Research Justice principles.

No More Stitch-Ups! Developing Media Literacy Through Fat Activist Community Research

This is a piece of independent research that builds on the expertise of fat activist community to develop strategies for handling media fatphobia. It is very common for fat activists to get stitched-up, or manipulated negatively, by the media in the West. Media makers use a number of unethical techniques to undermine people. The effect of this can be traumatising, and people get burned out and stop engaging with media. Activists have some strategies for resisting media abuse but generally have low expectations about anything good coming from it. Many social repercussions arise from widespread media dismissal of alternative voices concerning fat, and this paper proposes some potential tactics for change. This work draws on Research Justice values, is free and available to anyone who wants to read it or make use of it via its Creative Commons licence.

No More Stitch-Ups! Developing Media Literacy Through Fat Activist Community Research (.pdf, 270kb)

Scottee inc.

I served as a trustee for this registered charity which develops community-based performance that intersects with queer, fat, older and working class themes.

The ScotteeInc show The Worst of Scottee toured extensively and won the Total Theatre Award for Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form following its debut run in Edinburgh.


Rainbow Health Ontario

I was the lead writer and researcher for a series of fact sheets about body weight, eating and exercise for a lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community health organisation based in Toronto. I used a Health At Every Size framework. These fact sheets are shared with thousands of health and service providers, researchers and policy makers across Ontario.

Rainbow Health Ontario

Olympic Legacy Walks in E15

Liverpool John Moores University students on one of my Olympics Legacy guided walksDrawing on my knowledge as a sociologist and long-term resident of E15, I facilitate guided walks around Stratford and offer a critical understanding of the effects on communities of mega-events such as the Olympics. These walks are designed to enable people to engage with the inconsistencies between official rhetoric and lived reality of the Games and their aftermath. They are suitable for small groups and further reading and resources lists can be provided. Recent participants include students from Liverpool John Moores University (pictured).

Fat Activism: A Queer Autoethnography

My doctoral research explores what is meant by fat activism as a postmodern social movement, charts some of its discursive travels, and considers queer theory as a means of expanding what fat activism can be. It makes use of qualitative methodology and is rooted in fat activist community experience. It is currently being prepared for publication.