Stewart Home’s Mum (3.03)

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I’ve always thought that Stewart Home* sprang fully clothed and adult from a sea-shell somewhere. It’s weird thinking of him as a baby, and even stranger thinking of him having a Mum.

Tell us about your Mum
She believed she was telepathic and that was how she used to try to communicate with me when I was a child. She claims to have had quite a bit of success using telepathy with a boyfriend called Bruno de Galzain in the early seventies. She was really into spiritualism and believed we all lived on after death. Quite a lot of the beatniks and hippies she hung with were into the same things. So she made arrangements with quite a few friends, that the first one of them to die would come back and contact the others; and there are people she made these arrangements with who believe she contacted them from the other side on the night of her death. She was also into loads of consciousness raising stuff. She dug health foods and healthy eating, but at the same time took loads of drugs. I guess most people have those kinds of contradictions. She also used to get high from reading, loads of books but especially texts on spiritual subjects and beatnik writers like William Burroughs.

Who else calls you Llewellyn?
My mom and some of her friends called me Llewellyn in the sixties and seventies. No one calls me Llewellyn now. My mom died in 1979 and the friends of hers I’m in contact with don’t call me that. My mom gave me Llewellyn as my middle name, but it was the one she wanted used. Anyway, although my mom was born and grew up in south Wales, she was actually from an Irish family (there was a bit of French but mainly Irish and 100% Catholic). My mom changed her name too, she became Julia Callan-Thompson after I was born because among other things it sounded better when she was doing hostess work or modelling.

Boho parents destroy creativity in their offspring. Genuinely creative people come from plebeian backgrounds of disinterest and stupidity. Discuss.
There is no such thing as a genuinely creative person, we’ll all remain alienated and creatively stunted until we abolish capitalism and simultaneously realise our species being.

What about your Dad? (or are you really the offspring of your Mum’s friendships with T. Leary or RD – not to be confused with kd – Laing?)
Since I don’t want to know about my father, you wouldn’t either. He wasn’t famous but he was the sort of person who would sit about getting stoned (in the early sixties usually by smoking grass) while pontificating about how great men and philosophers shouldn’t have anything to do with children. He has a high opinion of himself, but no one else has ever shared his views on this matter.

How do you resemble your Mum?
I get my energy from her, my get up and go, and also her love of dressing up and projecting an image which is really nothing to do with me. So my fun and outgoing side comes from my mom. She wasn’t judgmental but if it wasn’t for her there are individuals who I dislike who I’d have probably never had any negative feelings about. I’m thinking of people like the pro-situ Michel Prigent who she knew, and to the best of my knowledge his public vendetta against me stems from the fact he has some weird feelings about my mom who he seems to have met through people like beat writer/situationist Alex Trocchi.


* Don’t know who Stewart is? His books include: Cunt, Cranked Up Really High, Mind Invaders, Suspect Device, Blow Job, Slow Death, Come Before Christ and Murder Love and No Pity. He’s the man to talk to if you want to know more about the Art Strike or Neoism. His new book is called 69 Things to Do With a Dead Princess. You should read it.