I’ve been online since 1988, more or less. In those days you had to go to the university’s physics department to register for an email address, and there was one solitary computer in the library hooked up to what was probably a steam-powered modem. Some time later I learned to code raw HTML, and I have been publishing content online since then, via incarnations of this website and through blogs and social media.


I got a LiveJournal in 2003 and gradually became more involved with social media. I currently maintain two blogs:

Obesity Timebomb
The main repository for my ideas and writing about fat activism.

Death to the fascist insect
A place to write about queer culture, and whatever else takes my fancy.

I have also produced blogs to publicise and document various events.

Older web content

Before social media made online publishing a lot easier, I used to treat this website as an e-zine, updating the site monthly with original content. Here are some examples from back then.

Headless Fatties
Andy Roberts
Cheap Date is the best magazine in the universe
Helen Wickham is a peaceful woman
How to Ride a Bike: A Guide for Fat Cyclists
In the ring with Katy
It’s Hootchie Koo Time with Big Stick
Jason Barker does it again
Jungle Pam, drag strip legend
My friends are artists
Stewart Home’s Mum
Stewart Treize is my friend

Older web projects

I learned to code in 1999 and built a couple of experimental websites soon afterwards.

Bad Toon Rising encouraged people to draw well-known cartoon characters from memory.

Women Against Violent Language is a prank.