The London-based photographer Katarzyna Perlak documented the SWAGGA throughout its development process. The material she shot over a period of months forms the basis of SWAGGA, the film.

The film was screened to a sell-out crowd in September, and more screenings are on the way. For now, here is the trailer:

SWAGGA fans should also check out the two tracks that Verity Susman composed for the show, now available to listen to online. It was a real privilege to dance to this composer’s scores, created just for us.

Verity Susman – SWAGGA


Project O with Charlotte Cooper and Kay Hyatt present SWAGGA

spill_guidomencari_1014For the past year or so I have been working on a project called SWAGGA. SWAGGA is a dance crafted out of everyday bullshit, strong wills and trembling flesh. SWAGGA is for anyone who is habitually pushed aside, spoken over, ignored, mus-recognised and snubbed. SWAGGA unfolds the map, draws the battle-lines and readies an arsenal…We are hungry, we don’t know our place and we don’t play nice.







This is it.

Created by Project O (Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small) with Charlotte Cooper and Kay Hyatt. Choreographed by Alexandrina and Jamila, performed by Charlotte and Kay.

SWAGGA is supported by Arts Council England Grants for The Arts, Them Yard Theatre, Artsadmin artist bursary scheme and Cambridge Junction.

Come and see us

Saturday 23 May 2015
Watch Out Festival
Cambridge Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge, CB1 7GX

Tuesday 16 – Saturday 20 June 2015
Now 15
The Yard Theatre, Queen’s Yard, Hackney Wick, London E9 5EN

Pic by Guido Mencari


Headless Fatty

I’m very pleased to see that some kind person has built a wiki for Headless Fatty.

It is my dream for this concept that it becomes common usage, is listed in dictionaries and helps undermine the hateful exploitation of fat people in the media.


The New Empowering School

The NEw Empowering SchoolFor the last year I have been involved in a dance project called SWAGGA, working with Jamila Johnson-Small and Alexandrina Hemsley within their venture Project O and with Kay Hyatt.

Project O is developing this work through a series of free workshops in London called The New Empowering School. The workshops are open to all but you must make an application to participate and you must be able to attend all ten sessions. This is an opportunity for dancers as well as people who may be alienated by dance culture to come forward and participate in a riot of bodies and movement.

Find out more. The New Empowering School


New zine: Play

Play zineI have published a new story zine called Play. It’s a collection of home-made games that I have either invented, co-created, or adapted. It’s silly and serious. Readers have described this zine as “MOST INCREDIBLE” and “really brilliant”.

If you would like a copy, please contact me.

Read more about my zines.