Body Language at the Wellcome Collection

body-language-mainI wrote a piece for The Guardian about fat and language in aid of Body Language, which is taking place at The Wellcome Collection, and at which I am presenting and dancing.

The rhetoric around obesity is toxic. So I created a new language for fat people

Some of the things mentioned in the article, some things not mentioned which relate to the event:

My book, Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement
My zine, Fat Activist Vernacular.
Another zine, The Blob, created specially for the Wellcome Collection event, which you can download for free.
Beats for the dance I am performing, But Is It Healthy?
A blog post about the whole thing, How to Killjoy an Obesity display one #BodySpectacular at a time.

Poor lasses, therapy and class

The latest Poor Lass is out, a necessary zine of real life stories by working class women.

This issue is themed Health and I have a contribution in it about being a working class psychotherapist.

Copies and info available at Poor Lass

Class struggle and mental health: Live to fight another day

I have been part of a group of people who have got together over the past year or so to produce a zine/pamphlet about accessing and surviving mental health services. It’s written from a broadly anarchist perspective and is intended to reach people who might normally feel disenfranchised. ‘Class struggle and mental health: Live to fight another day’ is also an attempt to bring mental health into focus within radical left and activist spaces.

You can download and read Class struggle and mental health: Live to fight another day for free.

The Para-Academic Handbook

The Para-Academic Handbook, edited by Alex Wardrop and Deborah Withers, is a very timely edited collection about people who pursue critical scholarship within and beyond the bounds of the university. It should be essential reading for anyone who has ever wondered about what it might be like to work in academia, or to pursue higher education. It is radical and life-affirming!

The Handbook includes a chapter by me, No More Stitch-Ups! Developing Media Literacy Through Fat Activist Community Research.

You can find more information about the book, including ordering details, at HammerOn Press.