Vaginal Creme Davis (, 9.01)

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Vaginal Davis is an American original, club hostess, film star, dominatrix, performer, zine princess, professional name-dropper and all-round good egg!

Please introduce yourself
I am a sexy retarded whore, who gets so pre-occupied with the invasive specifics of her work that she always forgets to charge. For well over a decade I have been a cultural raconteur as writer, filmmaker, musician, critic and druid wiccan sorceress. I work in the indefinite medium of my own whimsy.

Author Dennis Cooper said Vaginal Davis is the “Punk rock RuPaul”. Discuss.
Whereas RuPaul became the first black drag queen to gain mainstream exposure as a merchandising and commercial product, I came out of the punk and post-punk underground art scene of LA. I`ve remained a cult figure with no desire to be co-opted into either mainstream straight or the consumer-driven mainstream gay world. I can still remember a time when to be gay meant being a part of outlaw society; today gay equals spend here now.

How did you get on with legendary punk producer Steve Albini?
Working with Steve Albini on my CD ‘The White To Be Angry’ with my punk band PME was a splendid experience. Steve is extremely hands-on in his approach, not as cranky as the myths surrounding him. He is highly opinionated though, and I find that refreshing. He was a perfect gentleman with me and he has quite an amazing endowment that makes for a prominent bulge in his a-tad-too-tight stretch jeans. When I recorded my vocals at his private home studio in Chicago he insisted on making me his specially brewed tea.

What are you most looking forward to whilst you are in Europe?
I`ve always felt Europe is my spiritual homeland. I simply adore the Queen Mumdom. I`m a big anglophile who loves cute, cuddly, dorky English boys with low self-esteem and peaches-and-cream complexions.

At the moment I`m enjoying the Germans here in Berlin. I`m quite popular with the men in this country. There are not many Black Americans here so I am quite the sexual exotic. What can I say – my dance card is really filled to the brim! I only wish I got this kind of treatment in the US of A.

Final comments?
After my performances in Berlin I will do my little show at Duckie which will consist of me performing a special rock ‘n’ roll druid wiccan ritual that has not been done on the isle in over 300 years. Then I’m off to Switzerland where I will lecture and show some of my experimental films at the Universatat Zurich and the Shedhalle Art Center. Finally I’ll be in Paris meeting with my Dutch editors and sweet Guillaume Depardieu, the amazing son of famous French actor Gerard. He and I really hit it off and I`m looking forward to sharing myself with him. Those of you who have seen him in the film Pola X will know just what I’m talking about – I shall say no more or risk being accused of being indiscreet.