Interviews with me

Here’s a small selection of the many interviews I’ve given in recent years.


Smith, C. (2012) ‘Under the radar: Fat activism and the London 2012 Olympics, an interview with Charlotte Cooper’, Games Monitor [online], available:

Estrad, T. (2011). Charlotte Cooper. Una Buena Barba 3. Madrid. Available online:
Unedited English version (.pdf, 96kb)

Harjunen, H. (2011). Normality is Overrated. NormiHomoLehti. Finland. Available online:
Unedited English version (.pdf 88kb)

Voigts, I., Claus, G. & Schulz, N. (2009) ‘The Chubsters: Interview mit Charlotte Cooper’, Hugs and Kisses: tender to all gender. 5, 52-55. Available online: Reprinted: Voigts, I. & Claus, G. (2010) ‘Invasion of The Chubsters’, an.schläge, December/January: 20-21.
Unedited English version (.pdf, 56kb)

Carolin, L. (2009) Queer Tribe: The Girls In The Gang. DIVA. June. 20-21.
Page spread (.pdf, 4.8mb)

McAleer, P. (2005) ‘Three Quick Questions: Charlotte Cooper’, Big Fat Blog [online], available:

DIY culture

Austin (2012) Contemporary Zinemakers. Oakland: NOLOSE. 7-9 September.
Look at the slideshow (.pdf, 18mb)

Milk, A. (2011) FutureNature/National Minimum Rage zine.
Read the interview (.pdf, 61kb)

O’Callahan, P. (2010) ‘Charlotte Cooper’s Festival Thoughts’ [Online]. London.
Unedited version (.pdf, 49kb)

Ledger, E. (2010). Charlotte Cooper. In: Ledger, E. (ed.) The World’s A Mess and Yr My Only Cure. Doncaster.
Unedited version (.pdf, 112kb)

Zobl, E. and Jiménez, H. (2007) ‘Story Zines, Kink and many more: an interview with Charlotte Cooper from London’ [Online]. Available:


The Rebel Man Standard (2015) ‘Charlotte Cooper’ [online] The Rebel Man Standard Interviews. Available:

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Godfrey, O. (2003) ‘Any Queries? Charlotte Cooper’, Time Out, London, 12-19 March
Read the article (.pdf, 66kb)

Kramer Bussel, R. (2001) ‘Cherry: An Interview with Charlotte Cooper by Rachel Kramer Bussel’, [online], available: