For Researchers and Students

Thank you for being interested in me and my work.

As you can imagine, I am often asked by researchers and students to contribute to various pieces of work. I would like to continue to do this where I have experience and expertise to offer. It’s likely that I would have some good contributions to make to your study.

However, please be aware of the following things:

When inviting me to contribute to your project, please consider what might be in it for me, and for other participants. It is common for researchers to treat informants a bit like fodder; to take the information you’re interested in from us and then to abandon us. I don’t want this.

I would prefer that you treat me as a potential collaborator, include me in your networks and keep me informed about the progress of the research.

It would be good if you have some familiarity with my work.

I favour working with researchers who offer acknowledgement of my time and effort in the form of payment, skill-shares or other reciprocal agreements.

I also favour contributing to projects that have community and grassroots social change at their core and are not vessels for career-building or work that will remain locked into elitist institutions.

When working on projects relating to fat, I prefer to work with people who have direct relationships to fatness and am likely to turn down researchers who view fat people as fascinating objects of study. It would be great if you could tell me a bit about yourself when you contact me.

Students! I cannot do your work for you! If you have questions for me, please be very specific. I can’t and don’t want to write long essay answers for you based on your coursework that you then cut and paste. Yes, I see what you’re doing there! Likewise, if you’re looking for particular bits of information, go to a library and ask a librarian, they will be able to help you, that’s their job and not mine.

If you use my work – quotes, ideas I’ve generated, pictures, texts I’ve produced, etc – please cite me so that I don’t have to die in complete obscurity. If you don’t know how to cite things, there are online guides out there.

With all of this, I am open to negotiation.

Thank you.