Information for journalists, media, researchers and students

Thank you for being interested in me and my work. Do you want to collaborate? If so, here is what you need to know.

I support work that is:

  • Ethically engaged and invested in social change
  • Produced by people I already know and respect
  • Made by people who are personally connected to their subject matter
  • Accessible to all

I prefer you to:

  • Be familiar with my work
  • Cite my work if you use my ideas
  • Pay me or offer me something in return
  • Be very specific if you want me to answer a question
  • Offer me control of my contribution if you can
  • Keep me in touch with the project
  • Ask a librarian instead of asking me

I say no to:

  • Exploitative and patronising media
  • Passing on other people’s private details
  • Unpaid consultancy or a quick chat – ask me about my rates instead