Consider booking me if you’re looking for a speaker for your community, university or college group, a conference keynote, panellist, chair, someone to devise and facilitate a workshop or discussion, or to speak at any other kind of presentation large or small. I have quite a bit of radio and TV experience too. I’m happy to Skype in long-distance. I love to share what I know and I give a great talk!

Presenting on fat, especially fat activism, is what I’m most known for, and I would be delighted to talk about my trail-blazing research and community work, as well as fat politics in general. But I have also delivered presentations and workshops on zine-making, censorship, bereavement, feminism and other subjects.

Contact me for more information.

Selected recent presentations

Cooper, C. (2014) Fat Activist Media for Unruly People. Allied Media Conference, Detroit. 21 June.

Cooper, C. (2014) Race, Fat Activism and Media. Allied Media Conference, Detroit. 20 June.

Cooper, C. and Evans, B. (2014) Queering arts and health: engaging with fat activism. ESRC Seminar Series – Beyond evidence: theorising arts and health. University of Glasgow. 24 April.

Cooper, C. (2014) Chins Up: Fat and Performance. ScotteeInc and Arts Council England. The Hospital Club. 31 March. Listen to this talk.

Cooper, C. (2014) The Fattylympics: creating community mayhem in a surveillance culture. Good Job: The School of the Damned. 26 March.

Cooper, C. (2014) This is What a Fat Activist Does. Women of the World Festival. 9 March.

Cooper, C. (2014) The Fattylympics: neighbourhood intersectionality. University of London: Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. 17 February.

Cooper, C. (2013) How to Get Shit Done. Queer Zine Fest London. 1 December. Read more about the zine.

Cooper, C. (2013) Fat Activism. LaDIYfest Sheffield. 30 November. Read a report of the session.

Cooper, C. (2013) Dr Fat’s Show and Tell. Rainbow House: L-Fest/Fat Positivity Belgium. 26 November. Read a report of the event.

Cooper, C. (2013) How to Stay Alive, Have A Laugh and Change the World. 23 November 2013. Queen’s University Belfast: Class Out of the Closet. 23 November.

Cooper, C. (2013) Fat Sexualities. Gender and Sexuality Talks. 19 November. Read a report of the event.

Cooper, C. (2013) Community Panel: Confidence. Plus London. 3 November. Read a report of the session.

Cooper, C. (2013) Nothing About Us Without Us: Fat People and Research Justice. Birmingham University: Weight Stigma. 16 May. Read a report of the day.

Cooper, C. (2013) Doing the Dance of Disrespect: The Fattylympics. Just Do(ing) It, Again: The Politics of DIY and Self-Organised Culture. Bradford: 1 in 12 Club/Bradford University. 11 May.

Cooper, C. (2013) Fat Talks Back. Women of the World Festival (WOW). London: Southbank Centre. 10 March. Read a report of the event.

Cooper, C. (2013) Women’s Center International Women’s Day Hangout. Oshkosh: University of Wisconsin. 8 March.

Cooper, C. (2013) Bereavement Counselling After Losing Dad. The Drop In Bereavement Centre. St Mark’s Centre, Beckton. 22 February.

Cooper, C. (2012) Queer Zine Show and Tell. Queer Zine Fest London. 8 December.

Cooper, C. (2012) The Queerness of Fat Activism. The Queerness of Fat Activism With Charlotte Cooper. Ryerson University at The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto. 26 June. (Read an account of this amazing event!)

Cooper, C. (2012) Queer Fat Activist Performance Strategies. The Feminist Art Gallery’s Axe Grinding Workshop. Tate Modern, London. 18 May.

Cooper, C. (2012) Representing Fat Activism. In Conversation: In Praise of the Voluptuous, National Portrait Gallery, London. 10 May.

Cooper, C. (2011) Queer fat feminist activism in a handful of amazing episodes. Corpi eccentrici: bellezza, normatività e rappresentazione (Eccentric bodies: beauty, normativity and representation). Soggettiva, Santa Cristina, Bologna. 5 November.

Cooper, C. (2011) “She was so viscerally happy in that moment” – Fat Activism for Well Being. Gender Matters: Obesity and the Rejection of Body Normativity. Gender and Mental Well Being: Inter-disciplinary Perspectives. King’s College London. 18 May.

Cooper, C. (2011) Chubsters and Fat Studies: Developing New Models for Understanding ‘The Obese’. British Sociological Association Annual Conference. London School of Economics. 7 April.

Cooper, C. (2011) Plenary: Fightin’ Dirty With The Chubsters. A Carnival of Feminist Cultural Activism. Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York. 5 March. (Read about it)

Cooper, C. (2010) Making Peace With Your Body. Coventry Peace Festival. The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, Coventry. 23 October.

Cooper, C. (2010). Keynote: Kick Out The Jams: Fat, Activism and New Ways of Thinking. Fat Studies: A Critical Dialogue. Macquarie University, Sydney. 10 September.

Cooper, C. (2010) Keynote panel: Fat Panic!. NOLOSE. Oakland. 5 June.

Cooper, C. (2010). Ten Reasons Why I’m a Fat Activist. Ladyfest. Goldsmiths, University of London. 24 February.

Cooper, C. (2010) Keynote: Rad Fatties and ‘The Obese’: Activism, Fat Studies and Paradigm Shifts in the UK. Economic and Social Research Council Fat Studies and Health At Every Size: Bigness Beyond Obesity: Seminar 1: Abject embodiment: Uneven targets of fat discrimination. Durham University. 14 January.

Cooper, C. (2009) HAES in the UK. 4th Annual International Association of Size Diversity and Health Conference. Dulles, Virginia. 1 August.

Cooper, C. (2009) Fat Girl On a Bike – Introducing Health At Every Size. Leisure Studies Association Conference. Canterbury Christ Church University. 15 May.

Cooper. C. (2009) The Story of The Chubsters. Pop Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference. New Orleans. 12 April.

Cooper, C. (2008) Fat Activism. Feminist Research. Concordia University, Montréal. 14 March.

Cooper, C. (2008) Keynote: No I Will Not Shut Up: Canada Customs and Queer Censorship. McGill LGBT Pride. McGill University, Montréal. 12 March.

Cooper, C. (2008) Fat Activism. Fat Studies in the UK. Centre for Women’s Studies, University of York. 2 May.

Cooper, C. (2008) Fat Activism. Treating Obesity. Warwick University. 15 February.

Cooper, C. (2007). Why I Make Zines. Zinefest! The Women’s Library, London. 13 May.