About Bad Toon Rising
Bad Toon Rising was made possible by the generosity of the following artists: Al, Alan, Andrea, Anthea, Antoinette, Beccy, Becky, Benedikte, Birgitta, Cathy, Cherie, Claire, Ed, Eilis, Florence, Iain, Joe, Jon Halvard, Julia, Lee, Lora, Louise, Mark B, Mark F, Mark L, Martin, Matthew, Megan, Nadine, Patrick, Paul, Paula, Rebecca, Runar, Ruth, Sarah, Sarah G, Simon, Steph, Steve, Syra, Tarin, Teo, Thomas, Tina, Toby, Valerie, and Xtina. Thank you!

Bad Toon Rising would love to publish your pictures of cartoon characters drawn from memory, feel free to send 'em to us as email attachments. Sadly we cannot offer payment for your contribution, and we don't have space to use every picture we are sent, but we will love you forever. Remember that no reference material is allowed - we will be able to tell if you are cheating!

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Send toons and correspondence to badtoonrising@hotmail.com
Who are we?
Kay by CharlotteKay Hyatt works with people with learning disabilities. She is often called upon to draw pictures to help people understand things. She likes watching cartoons.

Charlotte by KayCharlotte Cooper is Kay's girlfriend. She lives in the East End and she writes things. All is explained at CharlotteCooper.net.