Cherry cover with fake fur and a young butch-femme couple kissingIn 2002 I was commissioned by Millivres Prowler to write the first in a series of explicit novels for queers. ‘Cherry’ was the result.

Here is the blurb: ‘Cherry’ is offers a subversive trip through the grimy underbelly of the rainbow nation. It’s the story of Ramona, a thrill-seeking young woman, who is about to find out that being a real life queer bears little resemblance to the lesbians in the books she’s been reading under the covers. Before long she’s on a mission to become the queen of London’s A-Dyke scene via a series of misadventures with a cast of freaks, creeps, lovers and assorted folks that you would never want to bring home to mummy.

DIVA magazine readers voted my first novel their favourite read but ‘Cherry’ highlighted Canada Customs’ long-standing problem with censorship, which impacts severely on independent LGBT bookshops. They seized a shipment of books for obscenity in September 2002, releasing it after a campaign demonstrating the book’s artistic merit.

The book’s cover is frequently censored in online shops.

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Read the article (.pdf, 66kb)

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