I’ve been been involved with digital media since 1988, when I requested my first email address from a university physics department.

I learned to code in 1999. I started in 2002 and earlier versions of this website functioned as an online zine which you can visit via the Wayback Machine. Other online projects from around that time include Women Against Violent Language, a prank from 1999 supporting Stewart Home’s novel, ‘Cunt,’ and Bad Toon Rising (2003), which encouraged people to draw well-known cartoon characters from memory.

I got into social media around 2002 and maintained a LiveJournal for some years. I began blogging at Obesity Timebomb in 2008 and at other shorter-lived projects. I created blogs/online archives for much of my fat activism.

In 2017 I made a digital map and database of interesting, historic, quirky swimming pools in the UK called Charlotte’s Pool Map.