I use digital music-creation software, voice and no-fi technology to make music. As well as solo work, I am and have been part of three musical projects/bands and an occasional member of Stratford East Singers community choir.

Homosexual Death Drive (2010 – present)

This is an art band that I established with Kay Hyatt. We produce music, objects, videos, performances, discomfort, feelings and memories. Visit the HDD website.

The 123s (2004 – present)

The 123s is a pretend band project that consists of very rare performances, zines and spectacle. There is a recording of us singing O Lucky Man! which you can get it at the Homocrime archive through the Singles Club (it’s on Exhibit I).

The Lesbian and Gay Community (1998 – 2000)

My first band, with Simon Murphy/Mona Compleine and Jason Barker, is no longer active but there are photographs of us knocking about on the internet from the first Queeruption in 1998.

Artifacts relating to these projects will be available through 33Archive.