I dance, I perform in bands, I perform my writing.


SWAGGAIn 2014 I made my debut as a dancer in a performance called SWAGGA, choreographed and directed by Project O. You can read about this experience in a series of blog posts and articles:

Fat and dancing and life and everything
SWAGGA has begun
SWAGGA: fat dancing, bodies, watching and shame
SWAGGA is unassimilated fatness
SWAGGA opening night happened!
The New Empowering School
SWAGGA: Slowly Without Angst Giant Goddess Attack
SWAGGA: Whatta Ride! Come and see us!
SWAGGA week is here at last
I danced in a show called SWAGGA

I am a fat dancer, but I am not your inspiration porn

… and also in a review by Charlotte Richardson Andrews: Project O Goes Large: SWAGGA and Benz Punany

Photo by Katarzyna Perlak


Homosexual Death Drive

Homosexual Death Drive is an art band that I established with Kay Isgay in 2010. Please click the link to visit the dedicated website for that project.

The 123s

The 123s is a pretend band project that consists of very rare performances, zines and spectacle. There is a recording of us singing O Lucky Man! which you can get it at the Homocrime archive through the Singles Club (it’s on Exhibit I).

The Lesbian and Gay Community

My first band, The Lesbian and Gay Community, is no longer active but there are photographs of us knocking about on the internet from the first Queeruption in 1998.

Spoken word

Readings consist of material from my extensive back catalogue of writing – zines, chapters, oddments, prose – as well as specially developed new pieces.