Cultural Work

I call myself a cultural worker because I think making culture is a political act and that it is also work. My main areas of interest are: archiving, performance and publishing.

I generally work independently, without the support or control of institutions, with very low budgets. This is what DIY culture, or Do It Yourself, means to me. But sometimes I work with big organisations and funding too.

Some of the people I’ve worked with include: Arts Council England, Bad Art Collective, Big Bum Collective, Bildwechsel Hamburg, Border Fuckers/Queer Beograd Collective, British Film Institute, Hamburger Queen, Cheap Date magazine, Dietbreakers, Entzaubert Queer DIY Film Fest, Fat Girl Flea, The Feminist Art Gallery, The Feminist Library, Girls Rock! UK, LadyFest, Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg, The Liverpool Biennial, McGill University, National Portrait Gallery, NOLOSE, Project O, Queer Images Edmonton, Queeruption, The Queer Storytelling Festival, Queer Zine Fest London, Rebel Bellies Berlin, St Mark’s Centre Beckton, Tate Modern, Trans Day of Remembrance, Transfabulous, Villa Magdalena K, We Will Nvr Die!, The Wellcome Collection, The Women’s Library, Wotever, The York Lesbian Arts Festival and many more.

DIY Culture Interviews

Here are some of the things I have to say about my cultural work and DIY practice.

Austin (2012) Contemporary Zinemakers. Oakland: NOLOSE. 7-9 September. Look at the slideshow (.pdf, 18mb)

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