You’re Not My Dad! 4

Cover of You're Not My Dad! zine, with cartoon image of Rain Man featuring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise's heads on fire, rendered as a Jack Chick tractThe fouth and final issue of the autism zine I co-create with Simon Murphy is now available.

This issue features reports on The Autism Show, autistic zines, advocacy, pseudoscientific specs, Oliver Sacks and Gayle Newland. The cover shows an iconic still from the film Rain Man, rendered as a Jack Chick tract, with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise’s heads on fire.

You can get a paper copy by contacting me. You can also download and read digital copies of issue 4 and all of the back issues:

You’re Not My Dad! 1
You’re Not My Dad! 2
You’re Not My Dad! 3
You’re Not My Dad! 4